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Dear Colleagues and Friends, 

On behalf of the Asian Pacific Society of Dialysis Access (APSDA), I would like to invite you to the 3rd congress of the APSDA which will take place in Zheng Zhou, China on August 16-19, 2018.

The APSDA was founded on 2017 during the Dialysis Access Symposium 2017 (DAS2017) in Nagoya, Japan. After successful meetings of DAS2015 in Korea and DAS2017, the advisory members concluded that we needed to continue this educational program to improve our dialysis patient care. The main objectives of the society are focused on the advancing knowledge and clinical practice related to the dialysis access, and communication among countries within the region.

Undoubtedly, vascular access is the lifeline for hemodialysis patients. It is well known that vascular access complications are closely related to the survival of the patients, and are major cause of hospitalization. Furthermore, the cost for treating vascular access complications is a big burden to the society.

The congress will provide a comprehensive coverage of dialysis access care, and opportunities to share knowledge and experiences. With this, we can understand the situation of each country, so that dialysis access professionals can communicate and collaborate among countries in the region.

I would like to thank Professor Qizhuang Jin and his colleagues for their efforts to organize the excellent congress, and their contribution to the APSDA. I want you to enjoy the congress, and am looking forward to seeing you in Zheng Zhou.


Best Regards, 

Yong-Soo Kim, MD, PhD


Asian Pacific Society of dialysis Access

Greeting for the 3rd Congress of the APSDA in Zhengzhou, CHINA


On behalf of the host of the meeting of Asian Pacific Society of Dialysis Access (APSDA) 2018, we would like to extend our cordial greetings to you all.

Following the 2nd Congress of the APSDA held in JAPAN in 2017(DAS2017), the upcoming symposium will be held at Zhengzhou, China, from 17th to 19th October 2018.

Nowadays, the number of dialysis patients are growing dramatically. Despite developing very fast both in economic and medical area, China will still come across huge challenges in medical care capacities caused by the increasing number of patients, such as lack of medical equipment, technologies and personnel.

Served as the “lifeline” of dialysis patients, vascular access capacity and its management have been demonstrated as the most important factors that closely associated with long term prognosis. AVF is the main type of vascular access now in China, with dialysis catheters and AVGs as complementary options. Endovascular techniques are also available now in China, helping patients to improve the success rate and maintain long term patency for the access.  But in some undeveloped cities, educations for dialysis access specialties are still a long way to go.

We joined the first DAS in South Korea in 2015 under the co-sponsorship of Korean Society of Nephrology (KSN) and JSDA, the main participants were from Asia-Pacific countries. After that, a new society was founded named APSDA in 2017 in order to gather more surgeons and nephrologist in dialysis access area. Basing on these backgrounds, on behalf of the Vascular Access Committee of  Blood Purification Center Management Branch of Chinese Hospital Association, as the host of the 3rd Congress of the APSDA in Zhengzhou, let me express my honor to have this exciting opportunity to share our knowledge and clinical experience, to exchange opinions and to have in-depth discussions on various topics with experts and peers form Asia-Pacific countries. We believe that the knowledges gained and ideas sparkled through the communications in this symposium will further improve the quality of dialysis access management for Asia-Pacific dialysis patients.

Zhengzhou is the provincial capital of Henan who has a long history and a rich culture in China. We look forward to meeting with you at the congress. 

President of the 3rd Congress of the APSDA

Jin Qizhuang

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August 16-19, 2018

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July 5, 2018

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