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The International Conference on Magneto-Science 2019 (ICMS 2019) will be held on October 11-14, 2019, Hefei, Anhui province, China. The first conference on Magneto-Science was held in 2005 (Yokohama). The success at Yokohama was followed by conferences at Hiroshima in 2007 (Japan), Nijimegen in 2009 (Netherlands), Shanghai and Xi’an in 2011 (China), Bordeaux in 2013 (France), Matsumoto in 2015 (Japan) and Reims in 2017 (France). ICMS 2019 will cover magnetic field effects on materials and processes in physics, chemistry, biology and health science. Topics include:

    ·Magnetic processing of materials
    ·Magnetic control of structures, properties, and functions
    ·Biological effects of magnetic fields
    · Magnetic surgery
    · Magnetic nanoparticles
    · Chemical reactions and processes under magnetic fields
    · Analytical aspect of magnetic fields
    · Magnetic separation science and technology
    · Interactions between water systems and magnetic fields
    · Colloids and interface science under magnetic fields
    · Magnetic levitation and microgravity
    · Generation and application of various magnetic fields
    · Others relating to magnetics and magnetic fields


High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Chinese Academy of Sciences;
Key Laboratory of High Magnetic Field and Ion Beam Physical Biology;
Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences;
School of Physics and Materials Science, Anhui University;
Chinese Academy of Sciences. 

Key Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline for oral presentation

July 15, 2019
July 31, 2019

Abstract Submission Deadline for poster presentation 

September 15, 2019

Early Registration Deadline

June 30, 2019
July 31, 2019

Standard Registration Deadline

September 30, 2019

Conference Date

October 11-14, 2019

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