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Dissolution, Bioequivalence, Product Performance and Quality

May 30-June1, 2019May 30 Registration

Location:                   ShandongYantai City, China

Workshop Chairs:                 Dr. Xujin Lu

Dr. Baoming Ning

Dr. Susan D’Souza            

Organizing Committee:  AAPS In-Vitro Release & Dissolution Testing Community

Chinese National Institute for Food and Drug Control

Shandong Institute for Food and Drug Control

Yantai Administration for Market Regulation

Yantai Institute for Food and Drug Control

Chinese Journal of New Drugs

Chinese Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis



The goal of this workshop is to discuss the following aspects and enable the attendees:

  1. Use of dissolution as a tool for drug development, biowaiver, and bioequivalence studies.
  2. Share Chinese research activities and collaborations in dissolution, apparatus calibration, bioequivalence, and drug specification setting topics.
  3. Learn international current trend, hot topics, and new methodologies and technologies in dissolution and drug release studies and applications.
Disseminate Chinese regulatory information for dissolution testing and bioequivalence. Understand the drug inspection policies that are related to dissolution in drug product development, cGMP, SUPAC, and generic product quality.

Key Dates


May 31, 2019-June 1, 2019

Online Registration Deadline

May 29, 2019

On-site Registration Dates

May 30, 2019

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