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Welcome Speech

On the occasion of the launch of “Beijing brain project”, "Brain Research Summit Forum – Advanced Technology in brain science and clinical medicine" will be held in Peking University Health Science Center (PUHSC) on November 8-10, 2019.
The co-chairmen of the conference, Prof. Han Hongbin, Prof. Du Jichen, Prof. Cui Dehua welcome all the distinguished guests from United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, and Beijing, Macau, Shanghai of China.
Since 2005, the neuroscientists in Peking University have been working on developing new therapeutic methods to treat brain disorders by using the brain extracelluar space, they discovered a regionalized interstitial drainage system in the deep brain and established a new drug delivery system to treat brain disorders, which is now being applied in the study of new drugs, brain tumor, brain alteration in aerospace, traditional medicine and developing new model of artificial neural network.
During the conference, we will introduce recent progress of brain science in Peking University, and share the stories of the top neuroscientists from different countries , hope you enjoy the stay in Beijing.
Wish the “Brian Research Summit Forum & Peking University International Conference on Advanced Technology 2019” a complete success!

Chair of PUIN 2019

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