Conference Hall No.5-B(1F)

14:00-16:00 IUA lecture competition part 3(2h)(each lecture has 8 minutes’ presentation and 2 minutes’question and answer.)

Moderator: Xiangchen Dai  China , Wei Li  China , Zhanfeng Sun  China

NO. Time Type Subject Speaker
1 14:00-14:10 Speech Contest

TAPAS balloon blocking with paclitaxel perfusion in treatment of femoropopliteal artery in-stent restenosis

Qihong Ni


2 14:10-14:20 Speech Contest

Percutaneous vascular intervention versus bypass surgeries in patients with critical limb ischemia: a comprehensive meta-analysis

Jiarong Wang


3 14:20-14:30 Speech Contest

Hybrid procedure versus chimney technique on left subclavian artery revascularization during TEVAR for type B aortic dissection.

Xiyang Chen


4 14:30-14:40 Speech Contest

Venous thromboembolism after major venous injuries: Competing priorities

Zhoupeng Wu


5 14:40-14:50 Speech Contest

Comparative effectiveness of open surgery versus endovascular repair for hemodynamically stable and unstable ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm

Wenjiang Zhu


6 14:50-15:00 Speech Contest

The safety and efficacy of drug-coated balloon angioplasty versus uncoated balloon angioplasty for infrapopliteal arterial occlusive disease

Jie Liu


7 15:00-15:10 Speech Contest

Prevention and management of complications during turbohawk plaque excision

Bo Shi


8 15:10-15:20 Speech Contest

Primary recanalization of infrapopliteal occlusion to prevent clinical failure after stent-graft treatment for femoropopliteal occlusive disease: a retrospective study with 4-year follow-up

Shuofei Yang


9 15:20-15:30 Speech Contest

Endovascular treatment of type B aortic dissection in end-stage renal disease

旻 Zhou


10 15:30-15:40 Speech Contest

Inherited anti-thrombin III deficiency: A case report of familial pedigree and gene mutation screening

Rongrong Zhu


11 15:40-15:50 Speech Contest

Excimer Laser Atherectomy for ChrExcimer laser atherectomy for chronic femoropopliteal artery occlusion following failed femoropopliteal bypassonic Femoropopliteal Artery Occlusion Following Failed Femoropopliteal Bypass

Hui Liu


[Panel Discussion / Expert Comment] Fedor Lurie , Yung-Wei Chi , Arkadiusz Jawien

16:00-18:00 IUA special prize competition(2h) (each lecture has 8 minutes’ presentation and 2 minutes’question and answer.)

Moderator: Yuehong Zheng  China , Ce Bian  China , Tong Zhang  China

NO. Time Type Subject Speaker
1 16:00-16:10 Speech Contest

VenaSeal treatment in marginal patient groups. Therapy of choice or illusion. Indications, risks and outcomes. Own data analysis.

Radek Vysohlid

Czech Republic

2 16:10-16:20 Speech Contest

Long term results of kissing stent technique for Leriche syndrome

Bihui Zhang


3 16:20-16:30 Speech Contest

Advantages & challenges with TSOACs(target-specific oral anticoagulants

Sandeep Pandey


4 16:30-16:40 Speech Contest

Orthotopic renal autotrasplantation for young-onset and medical treatment-requiring complex renovascular hypertension

Fangda Li


5 16:40-16:50 Speech Contest

Thoracoabdominal aorta aneurysm patient with aevere calcification in arch of riolan

Hui Zhang


6 16:50-17:00 Speech Contest

Dual monitoring during carotid endarterectomy using near-infrared spectroscopy and stump-pressure

Agnė Gimžauskaitė


7 17:00-17:10 Speech Contest

Design and practice of a new chimney stentgraft to avoid type I endoleak

Mingyao Luo


[Panel Discussion / Expert Comment] Jose Biller , Yung-Wei Chi , Edwin Stephen

18:00-20:00 Buffet