Yong Ning+An Ding(3F)

10:40-11:40 Demonstrating the Value of Laboratory Medicine

Moderator: Michael Oellerich  University Medical Center Goettingen,Germany , Qishui Ou  The First Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University

NO. Time Type Subject Speaker Organization
SY8-1 10:40-11:00 Symposium

Ensuring the Value and Quality of Laboratory Tests for Healthcare

Shahram Shahangian

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), USA

SY8-2 11:00-11:20 Symposium

The Value Proposition for Point-of-Care Testing

Andrew St. John

ARC Consulting, Perth, Australia

SY8-3 11:20-11:40 Symposium

The Value Proposition - EGFR testing in non-small cell lung cancer

Michael Oellerich

University Medical Center Goettingen,Germany



14:00-15:40 Laboratory Medicine Forum for Chinese Young Scientist

Moderator: Yu Chen  The First Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University , Binwu Ying  West China Hospital, Sichuan University

NO. Time Type Subject Speaker Organization
SY12-1 14:00-14:20 Symposium

The discovery of novel biomarker SP70 and its clinical application

Shiyang Pan

The first affiliated hospital of Nanjing Medical University

SY12-2 14:20-14:40 Symposium

Development of a novel diagnostic nomogram model for assessing cancer risk of pulmonary lesions

Xun Li

The First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University

SY12-3 14:40-15:00 Symposium

Development and clinical application of microbial rapid diagnosis technology

Xiaoling Ma

The First Affliated Hospital of USTC, AnHui Provincial Hosptial

SY12-4 15:00-15:20 Symposium

Decreasing methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections in China is attributable to the disappearance of predominant MRSA ST239 clones

Min Li

Renji Hospital, School of Medicine, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai

SY12-5 15:20-15:40 Symposium

How to define a normal gut microbiome?

Hongwei Zhou

School of public health, Southern Medical University

15:55-16:55 Vitamin D Status and Clinical Requirements

Moderator: Salwa Mekki  Faculty of medicine, Al Neelain University,Sudan , Chunfang Gao  Shanghai Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital

NO. Time Type Subject Speaker Organization
SY1-1 15:55-16:15 Symposium

Widespread Vitamin Deficiency Status and Associated Adiposity in Chinese Children and Adolescents

Jie Mi

National Center for Children's Health, Beijing Children's Hospital, Capital Medical University

SY1-2 16:15-16:35 Symposium

Vitamin D – Requirements for Bone Health

Penelope Coates

SY1-3 16:35-16:55 Symposium

Non-skeletal Vitamin D Requirements

Helen Martin

Chemical Pathology, SA Pathology, Adelaide, Australia