Date Time Hall Session Role Title Name
2018-10-18 14:00-14:10 Conference Hall No.5-A(1F) IUA lecture competition part 1 (120min) (each lecture has 8 minutes’ presentation and 2 minutes’question and answer.) Speech Contest Low-dose 256-slice spiral CT Scanning for Superficial Varicosis of Lower Limbs Peng Wang
2018-10-19 14:28-14:36 Conference Hall No.5-D(1F) Varicose vein Symposium The effect analysis of ozone bath combined with hybrid operation of laser intracavity ablation and foam sclerosant in the treatment of varicose vein of lower extremity complicated venous ulcer Peng Wang
2018-10-20 16:00-16:08 Conference Hall No.5-A(1F) PAD Symposium The role of ozone ( O3 gas bath) in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers Peng Wang