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To better promote the development of the popularity of minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment technology of department of gynaecology, standarding the minimally invasive technique in the clinical application of department of gynaecology, and by the asia-pacific gynecological endoscopy (APAGE) and minimally invasive treatment association jointly organized by the chongqing Medical Doctor association  (CQMDA), the Chinese medical doctor association branch of obstetrics and gynecology, physicians association of obstetrics and gynecology doctors branch in chongqing, and the First Affiliated Hospital of the Army Medical University to undertake "the 20th and minimally invasive treatment association Asia Pacific obstetrics and gynecology endoscopy (APAGE) academic conference" and "micro innovation technology training project of department of gynaecology" on September 18 to 22, 2019 will be held in chongqing international conference &exhibition center (nanping).

Meeting time
Special training registration time: September 18, 2019, all day
Time of special training: the afternoon of September 19, 2019
Registration date: September 19, 2019, all day
Meeting time: September 20-22, 2019, all day

Meeting place
Chongqing international convention and exhibition center (no. 2, jiangnan avenue, nan 'an district, chongqing)

The meeting content
The new progress in the field of minimally invasive gynecology was demonstrated and communicated from multiple angles, all directions and deep levels

Medical institutions engaged in obstetrics and gynecology professional medical staff

Credit granted
Successfully registered delegates his own id is awarded the national continuing medical education Ⅰ class credits points