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中文: 影像引导下热消融技术在妇科的应用
英文: Image guided thermal ablation therapy for uterine fibroid. 


Thermal ablaiton therapy include high intensitive focused ultrasound, MRI guided focused ultrasound, radio-frequency and microwave therapy. Those new methods offer non-invasive and super-micro invasive treatment for uterine fibroid. In this workshop,  those new treatments will be introduced and live demo of microwave and radio-frequency will be shown. 

Workshop Director: Xiaoming Gong
Faculty: Felix Wong, Yang Feng, Yun Shen, Xiaoming Gong. 

 Image guided thermal ablation therapy for uterine fibroid( KempinskiⅡ HALL),Thursday, September 19, 2019

13:30-13:40 Introduction,  Xiaoming Gong
13:40-14:00 MRI evaluation for uterine fibroid,    Shen Yun
14:00-14:30  HIFU therapy,   Felix Wong
14:30-15:00  MRI guided focused ultrasound,Yang Feng
15:00-15:30   Radio-frequency therapy, Yun Shen
15:30-16:00   Break
16:00-16:30   Microwave therapy, Xiaoming Gong
16:30-17:00  Treatment option for uterine fibroids, Xiaoming Gong