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Conference Name:
The Hypospadias Workshop by Asia Pacific Association of Pediatric Urologist (APAPU)
Theme: Looking Into Details in Hypospadias Repair

June 21 to 23, 2019. 
June 21 (Friday): on-site registration(JingChuan Hotel
June 22 (Saturday): Hypospadias Workshop with presentations and live surgeries (official language: English) 
June 23 (Sunday): Hypospadias Workshop (official language: Chinese) ending at 12:00

Conference Venue:
Huanhua Hongtai Hotel, 251# Huanhuanan Road, in the Sichuan Museum
APAPU member
Pediatric urologists
Relevant physicians and nurses

Conference Main Issues:
Clinical experiences in recognition and management of hypospadias
Tips and traps in hypospadias repair
Recognition and management of complications after hypospadias repair
Live surgeries of hypospadias and epispadias