2018 Chinese Conference on Oncology

Dear Dr. Paul G. Okunieff

It is ahuge honor for us to invite you to attend the 2018 Chinese Conference on Oncology, to be held  at the Shenyang New World Expo , Shenyang, China, Aug 18-19, 2018. We are pleased toinform you that your abstract
submitted to the congress has been accepted. The details are as follow.

2018-08-1908:00-08:25Radiation Oncology & Nasopharyngology Parallel SessionSpeakerMolecular diagnostics and therapy is driving the future of Radiation Oncology

1. Please use Microsoft PowerPointfor the presentation, and presented in English.

2. Please submit PowerPoint file to the Congress’s Speaker Ready Room at least SIX HOURSahead of  the scheduled presentation time in order to allow verification and transfer to the allocated meeting rooms.

3. The presentation isno more than 20 minutes.
4. Please prepare your PPT in a USB Storge Device as a backup file.

5. Please read the following instructions first before preparing the PowerPoint presentations.
6. Please note personal laptops are not allowed to be used to make the presentation during the conference.

Instructions About PowerPoint Presented
a) Please use the Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or 2010*(*.ppt) or (*pptx), for making sure it could work on the the on-site computer.
b) Videos: Please make sure your videos no larger than 500 Mb (if necessary, could make it compressed) for saving the time to upload, We only accept videos in the formats of WMVs or AVI . We have technicians in the Ready Room helping
you solve any technical problem.
PPT test and upload room: Room 816 at Dynasty Wanxin Hotel

Other Scheduling
VIP welcome banquet (attend in formal dress): 18:00-19:30, Aug 17, 2018 , at Wanxin Hall A, 6th floor, Dynasty Wanxin
Buffet: 18:00-19:30, Aug 18, 2018, at Wanxin Hall A+B,6th floor, Dynasty Wanxin Hotel
Breakfast: Aug 18-19, cafeteria, 10th floor at Dynasty Wanxin Hotel
Lunch at Conference site: Aug 18-19, cafeteria 4A (4C only for Academicians), 4th floor at Shenyang New World Expo
Lunch at Hotel:Aug 18-19, cafeteria, 10th floor at Dynasty Wanxin Hotel
Coffee Break at Conference: 9:30 and 15:30, Aug 18-19, cafeteria 4A, 4th floor at Shenyang New
World Expo

Yours sincerely,

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