Date Time Hall Session Role Title Name
2018-10-19 12:55-13:25 Satellite Symposium Lunch and Satellite Meeting for BIOTRONIK——Conference Room 201-ABC(2F) Moderator Bainan Lv
2018-10-20 09:30-09:38 Conference Hall No.5-B(1F) Treatment for lower limb ischemic disease Symposium is it bypass going out in the era of debulking and DCB? Bainan Lv
2018-10-20 09:45-11:20 Conference Hall No.2-C(2F) Abdominal aortic disease Moderator Bainan Lv
2018-10-20 16:50-17:35 Conference Hall No.2-C(2F) Arterial diseases Moderator Bainan Lv