Date Time Hall Session Role Title Name
2018-10-18 16:00-18:00 Conference Hall No.5-A(1F) IUA lecture competition part 2 (2h) (each lecture has 8 minutes’ presentation and 2 minutes’question and answer.) Panel Discussion/Expert Comment Sergio Gianesini
2018-10-20 09:10-09:20 Conference Hall No.5-A(1F) Varicose vein Symposium Hemodynamics application for recurrence reduction Sergio Gianesini
2018-10-20 10:20-10:30 Conference Hall No.2-B(2F) ESVM-IUA: Lymphedema update(Simultaneous Interpretation ) Symposium Using aquatic exercises to support people with chronic lower limbs edema Sergio Gianesini
2018-10-20 11:50-12:02 Conference Hall No.2-B(2F) Exercise in assessment and treatment of vascular diseases(Simultaneous Interpretation ) Symposium Graduated compression stockings effect on perceived exertion and lower limb volume variation Sergio Gianesini
2018-10-20 12:50-13:05 Satellite Symposium Lunch and Satellite Meeting for Medi GmbH & Co. KG——Conference Hall No.5-B(1F) Symposium 10 evidence based commandments in compression Sergio Gianesini
2018-10-20 14:42-14:48 Conference Hall No.5-D(1F) IUA-Youngth committee-Venous Session Symposium Foam sclerotherapy mini-invasive sapheno-popliteal junction ligation vs traditional surgical approach Sergio Gianesini