Date Time Hall Session Role Title Name
2018-10-18 16:50-18:00 Conference Hall No.5-C(1F) A+ Arterial & Venous Thrombolysis Diagnosis and Treatment Session Moderator Junmin Bao
2018-10-19 13:30-15:25 Conference Hall No.2-B(2F) Critical limb ischemia-English and Chinese(Simultaneous Interpretation ) Moderator Junmin Bao
2018-10-20 08:00-08:08 Conference Hall No.5-B(1F) 1th Chinese Forum on Lower extremity vascular diseases-Treatment for lower limb ischemic disease Symposium How to balance the effectiveness and fitness of the lower limb artery preparations Junmin Bao
2018-10-20 12:25-13:25 Satellite Symposium Lunch and Satellite Meeting for PHILIPS——Conference Room 201-AB(2F) Moderator Junmin Bao
2018-10-20 15:18-15:26 Conference Hall No.5-B(1F) DCB Session------Acotec Scientific Co.Ltd Symposium What are the main points in the preoperative preparation of DCB angioplasty Junmin Bao