Date Time Hall Session Role Title Name
2019-09-09 13:30-14:50 Room 308 CVDTC Committee Symposium Moderator Isabelle Germano
2019-09-09 14:02-14:07 Room 310 Complications in Neurosurgery Symposium To Operate or Not? Lessons Learned Isabelle Germano
2019-09-10 07:50-08:05 Room 306A Horizon of Neurosurgery in the Developing Countries Symposium Session I Symposium Neurosurgery Education in the World: Similarities, Differences, New frontiers Isabelle Germano
2019-09-12 07:30-10:00 Room 308 WFNS Training Course Moderator Isabelle Germano
2019-09-12 09:00-09:10 Room 308 WFNS Training Course Symposium Adult Brain Tumors Isabelle Germano