Date Time Hall Session Role Title Name
2019-09-08 15:25-15:30 Room 310 Spinal Neurosurgery Oral Presentation Basal Depression with Atlantoaxial Dislocation: Ordinary Bone Graft? Yiheng Yin
2019-09-10 07:50-08:10 Room 311A Craniovertebral Junction and Cervical Deformity Breakfast Seminar Evolution of Treatment Strategies and Techniques for Complex Craniovertebral Junction Abnormalities Yiheng Yin
2019-09-10 14:30-14:40 Room 306A Cranial Neck Junction Oral Presentation Treatment of Fixed Atlantoaxial Dislocation with Basilar Invagination by the Reduction Technique of Head Frame Traction under Intraoperative Anesthesia and C1-2 Fixation Yiheng Yin