Date Time Hall Session Role Title Name
2019-09-09 08:45-10:00 Room 309A Aneurysm Moderator Hongqi Zhang
2019-09-09 12:30-12:50 Room 309A Luncheon Seminar Medtronic Forum--Breakthrough Therapies of Cerebrovascular Disease Luncheon Seminar Those Breakthrough and Evolvement of Endovascular Therapy in Cerebrovascular Disease Hongqi Zhang
2019-09-09 12:30-13:30 Room 310 Luncheon Seminar Medtronic · Neurosurgery Synergy Solution for Brain Tumor Therapy Moderator Hongqi Zhang
2019-09-09 12:30-13:30 Room 311B Luncheon Seminar SEE MORE. STAND TALL. ENTERING A NEW ERA IN DIGITAL MICROSCOPY Moderator Hongqi Zhang
2019-09-10 09:00-09:15 Room 309A Cerebrospinal Vascular Malformation Main Session Natural History of SAVF Hongqi Zhang
2019-09-10 10:30-12:30 Plenary Hall 4th Floor Plenary Session Moderator Hongqi Zhang
2019-09-11 09:15-09:30 Room 309A CM and Miscellanous Main Session Spinal Cord Cavernomas Vascular Malformation Surgery Hongqi Zhang