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更新时间:2019/4/22 17:00:08

April 8, 2019

Dear Dissolution, Bioequivalence, Product Performance and Quality Workshop Programming Committee Members,

On behalf of the AAPS Board of Directors, I congratulate the AAPS In Vitro Release and Dissolution Testing Community and the Chinese National Institute for Food and Drug Control on the development and presentation of this timely and vital event, “Dissolution, Bioequivalence, Product Performance and Quality,” in Shandong, China.

Dissolution is a critical test in evaluating the quality, and potentially the in-vitro performance, of solid oral dosage forms.  It plays a significant role in formulation development, process optimization, technical transfer and scale up, and bioequivalence studies.

As the complexities of regulation in both China and the United States continue to grow, the need for a better understanding of the effects of new technologies and methodologies will also increase.  I am pleased that AAPS is supporting the sharing of research and ideas among scientists representing industry, academia, and regulatory perspectives from these two influential countries.

I hope you will all use this event to enhance the communication, expand the knowledge, and engage in further collaboration, to the benefit of the global scientific community. 

Warmest Regards,

Dale Eric Wurster, Ph.D., FAAPS
AAPS President